Yin Meridian Therapy Master Classes

Fall 2021

With Michael Sidhamo Johnson

@ Body Concept Vienna



The  Master Classes are extended practices which last two hours and have a specific focus on releasing stock emotions connected to specific meridians For me master class does not mean advanced practitioner but signifies  the awareness  and desire of the student to experience  the next level of practice which moves into the  healing of the emotional and energetic body. This  healing helps us to transform habitual  negative patterns in the mind. As mind and body are not separate but 2 aspects of the same coin the space and freedom we create in the body translates as freedom in the mind.
The Yin Meridian Therapy master class is for everyone regardless of skill level in yoga. 

November 14
Lower body, hips,Front and back of the torso.
liver -anger, resentment hostility.
Gall bladder- Stress, anxiety
Urinary bladder – being stuck

October 10
Upper body torso and arms
Large intestine -letting go of the past
Lungs - releasing grief and deep sadness
Heart- opening to self love

Everyone is welcome



 If there’s anything you’d like to know about our programs and curriculum, please get in touch.

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