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Hatha-Yin Immersion, Back to the Basics 
Sept 25-29, 2024
Yin Yang Restorative Alumni Retreat
Oct.9-13, 2024
@ Cinamon Hill, Kokohino Chorio, Crete, Greece

max 7 students


Open to students and friends of Vibrantly alive yoga .


So as many of you know I have fallen in love with the Cretan life style  food and nature.I am offering a unique opportunity  for handful of friends and yogis.  to come together and support each other in evolving and deepening your yoga, pranayama and meditation  practice,  




About the place!

The Cinnamon Hill  Retreat Villa is located on the hill top just outside of the cretan village of Kokohino Chorio. Located in West Crete , 35 min from Chania Airport Situated on a large private plot with stunning  breathtaking views of the White Mountains, Agean Sea and Souda Bay.

Kokohino Chorio is a hill side village on the sea in west Crete. Also known as ( the red village).  An easy walk 2.3km from the beach of Almeryda,  1.5km from the village of  Plaka and 800m from Kokino Chorio.

The Villa sleeps 8 in 5 bedrooms ( 2 single rooms  3 shared rooms )

700 euro each ( half Board )





Arrival and Departure

Fly into Chania airport in West Crete

Please arrive anytime on after 1400, On Wednesday standard taxi is 50 euro to  our villa,  we can order one for you!


Departure  any time Sunday is fine!

Morning practice for those with out early flights

Daily Schedule

Our day starts with 

  • 0745-1000ish.   Yoga, Pranayama and Meditation

daily meditation, pranayama, yoga and movement and relaxation.  after refresh, swim in the pool  and chillax in the lawn chairs .


  • organic brunch 1040-1130- the full monty buffet all organic brunch!

  •  Doing the day snacks like humus , veggies and salads,  soups and of course teas and coffee in the pantry always

  • Free time 1200-1700 head to the beach in Almeryda 3km, or the pool, tan, take a nap or just be! There is also enough time to visit the Venetian villages of Rethmyno and Chania both are 40- 50 min by car. and other amazing beaches and villages

  • Evening Practice  1700-1845 sunset practice  Yin Yoga

  • Dinner is about experiencing the Cretan Cuisine  live music and life style at the many Local Tavernas in our village kokkohino chorio, 800m from the villa, Plaka a big wow on the foodie must do list. 1800m,  beach front Almeryda  2800m  Dimitris on the beach is a must! ( perhaps we drive down ).........

  • we can organise treatments at Swan Spa


Located in West Crete , 35 min from Chania Airport in the village of kokino chorio.

Arriving Fly into Chania Airport, taxi is  about 50 euro to the villa.

there are no addresses on gps coordinates.Let me know we will send a local taxi to get you.

We are currently renovating the Villa  more pictures will follow soon!




The villa is just over the top amazing! View is stunning. Size is super for 6-8 people. Enough room to sit together and enough space if you need some alone time! 

Very clean and new and it's furnished très chic. Also the design elements like pictures, buddha statues, decoration.... 

AC was super duper great.  

Super that we could do indoor and outdoor yoga! 

And huge plus: that we could stay until Sunday!!!!

The food


Amazing breakfast/brunch/lunch ;-)

Top quality ingredients, freshly cooked and a broad variety. I liked the timing of it as well as the setting: the group and the teacher are sharing a meal after the yoga experience before.  

Some of us have a special diet and you considered this and made variation if necessary! That's very special and nobody felt like a burden because of the extra needs (including me).

It all seems so effortless although you put a lot of work and time in to this.


I liked that we chose different settings for dinner ... sometimes at the villa, sometimes going out. Sometimes together as a group, sometimes separate.

And the coffee was delicious (kind of important for me :-)



A very intense and deep practice but never too much or too demanding. You built up the perfect "story line" and prepared us step by step for deeper sessions.

Especially the yin evening sessions helped me release stuck emotions and connect with myself during practice.I liked the length of the sessions.. especially that we took our time to meditate also in the morning (not "only" after yin). We had enough space to practice as well. Not too many people stuffed in a room... everyone had room to move and to expand our own energy. E.g during yin practice I felt safe to really go for it, let tears come if needed and my emotions also had room energy-wise. 

What you got out of it.

I had probably one of the most amazing holidays ever (especially with the 4 days early arrival). Off time and time with myself on the mat with you guiding us through this amazing yoga experience. It helped my to calm down and rest on a very deep level. I could recharge and even now, after 3 days, I am still feeling calm, relaxed and connected with myself.  At the same time I feel energetic and strong and resilient.

The time with the group and the opportunity to see so many different beaches and different corners of the island were an unexpected add-on. It formed a combination of a lot of activities and experiences and  still so much time to practice and have calm moments.

I had so many moments of pure joy and happiness,  laughter and wow moments. No monkey mind, no over thinking, no self pressure, judging or need to perform. Instead a lot of sun, warmth, love,  calm state of mind and re-connecting with my soul, heart and inner smile.

And I definitely fell in love with crete!

Stephanie / Vienna

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