Yin Meridian Therapy Teacher Training

Each module is 30 hours for a total of 60 hours
Led in english with Birgit and Michael Johnson
Covering yin postures, joint release, meridian sequencing,
Myofascial release and fascia yoga.
Level 1- July 3,4,5.   Level 2-July 10,11,12,
Prana Yoga Studio, Vienna Austria

The Yin Yoga Meridian 30 hour therapy training Level 1

About us

As a senior teacher in Therapeutic Yoga Michael  brings 2 decades of Therapeutic yoga, Bodywork, Shiatsu and Myofascial release to his teaching and a firm  background in Yin Yoga from Viktor Chang and  Myofascial release fromTom Myers. Birgit compliments the training with her knowledge  Yoga therapy  from the Svastha therapy training and from Yin and anatomy coming from Paul Grilley.

About the course

Level 1- Our goal is to focus on learning the basic 20 plus poses with a focus on the lower body and  focusing on the Gall Bladder, Stomach and Urinary Bladder and Liver meridians. Creating sequences in line with the these elements and the therapeutic use of the poses to balance the individual meridians thus releasing tension and restoring  the flow of energy through the meridians and in the overall body.

Level 2  Our goal is the upper body with the sequencing and poses focus on The arms , shoulders and neck. Students learn the corresponding sequences for the Heart, Lungs, Large and Small intestine, Triple Heater. Participants also learn several Myofascial release techniques using balls and body-weight to release restrictions in the fascia and Fascia yoga techniques to enhance the re education of the body.

Level 1 and 2 give you the  teacher or practitioner a very comprehensive set of tools and understanding to be a effective knowledgeable teacher of the Yin Yoga Practice.

Yin brings the qualities of patience, awareness, clarity and spaciousness to the practitioner. The space we create in the body manifests as space created in the mind. This connected mirroring is essentially the foundation principle of yoga, everything is connected. For all those looking  for an effective reboot back to being calm and relaxed, this a great training.

200 hour teacher training is helpful but i do make exceptions as the material is unique.

Valid Yoga Alliance continuing eductaion Certificates wil be issued after succesful completion of the training.







Prana Yoga Vienna  Mariahilfer Straße 82, 1070 Vienna

Vibrantly Alive Yoga currently runs independent Yoga trainings that are hosted at the Yoga teachers  non-profit cooperative Prana Yoga here in Vienna.

Price: 495 euro     early bird discount until April 1, 2020 450 euro

Daily Teaching Schedule

* Please eat breakfast before you arrive

0800-1000 lecture, theory


1020-1300  4-5  pose overview, yin practice

Lunch 1 hour

1400-1730 ish-  Lecture and or sequencing ,4- 5 pose overview and Yin practice

The topics covered are below in the discription

teas and water are complimentary, manuals will be given out on the Morning of Day 1

Maximum amount of students 10

To Apply.

Please send me an email.  Name, Age  Country, Experience in Yoga and what you wish to get out of the Training. after being accepted plase pay by bank transfer to complete your booking.

Booking the training.
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Yin as Yoga Therapy


    30-Hour Teacher Training

    with Michael & Birgit Johnson                                                                        


  • Yin Yoga is a powerful therapeutic practice for body and mind complementing and

    counterbalancing greatly other yang practices such as Power and Vinyasa Yoga

    styles. It is a quiet and simple practice, but not necessarily an easy one. Yin Yoga

    works deeply into our body. Long and steady holds target at our deepest tissues

    of the body, such as ligaments, joints, bones, and the deep fascia networks of

    the body rather than at the muscles. Yin Yoga releases deep tensions, improves

    the energy flow, enhances the energy in the organs and provides us with vitality,

    flexibility and focus.

    This training is a comprehensive education in the practice of therapeutic Yin

    Yoga, providing students with in-depth knowledge of the human body and mind.

    Ranging from a bio mechanical perspective to a subtle energetic approach.

    In this 30-Hour Course, you will learn fundamental Yin poses and its variations also     the effects of the Yin poses from physiologic, anatomic, energetic, emotional, mental, and therapeutic perspectives

  •  functional anatomy & physiology applied to Yin Yoga (fascia system,

    fascia lines & spiral loops, skeletal ranges of movement and the

    nervous system)

     the basics of traditional Chinese medicine and 5 Element Theory and how

    to balance the energy flow in specific meridians to improve your physical,

    emotional and mental health

     how to embody the Yin quality in your life, opening up to surrendering,

    stillness and self-love

     how to modify the practice to make it safe for different types of


     how to use props to adapt the challenge of each pose to different needs

     how to deepen your the Yin practice and teaching with meditation

    techniques and breathing practices