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Ayurvedic Yoga Massage
6-day Intensive Training August 9-14
Vienna, Austria @ Prana Yoga

My name is   Sw. Anand  Sidhamo aka Michael Johnson. I am a pioneer, master trainer and practitioner of a rare and powerful yoga based bodywork called  ayurvedic yoga massage originating in Pune, India.. My mission is to continue sharing this work and promoting it so that can continue to spread and help more and more people...


 Ayurvedic yoga massage is one of the most comprehensive , restortative and corrective systems of yoga based assisted stretching  i believe currently in existance. It uses deep tissue  massage  and muscle stimulating techniques to warm up the body, increase circulation and release of spasming muscles. Followed by a system of yoga based assisted streching  using syncronized breath and  movement.. breath is the catalyst to  a much deeper opening of the body.  This system of assisted stretching moves  with the goal of opening  and re- aligning the entire body.   The  depth of the opening of the body is usually 2-3 times deeper than  most people   can practice yoga, making it a a huge fascilitator in the practice of yoga.. The breathwork is modeled on deep diaphramic breathing in the belly. The key is dis-connecting the body's fear response  and creating a window to the sub-conscious mind..   The most important benefit of this work  for me is  the deep emotional release  for my clients  and relaxation  on the level of  a meditative state ,fluidity  and  this deep connection with the body. ( body awareness ).  This work is based on  what is for me the foundation and corner stone of  yoga   ..  Awareness, Intention , Breath  and Movement...

The cost of the training is 700 euro with an early bird price of 600 euro before May 1

No prior training is required just a helthy body and a open mind. The training includes Osho active meditations , Diamond Breathwork and Yoga throughtout the training.

Booking The training Please email me first please. Thank you

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